View Full Version : Water/alcohol supplementary technical papers

  1. NASA/TM - 20100213179: Water injection to reduce airport Nitrogen oxide pollution
  2. NASA Report 812: Knock-Limited Performance of several internal coolants
  3. SAE: Reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions by Water Injection (introduction & link)
  4. SAE: Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition with Water Injection (introduction & link)
  5. SAE: Water Injection Effects In A Single-Cylinder CFR Engine (introduction & link)
  6. SAE: Effects of Direct Water Injection on DI Diesel Engine Combustion (introduction & link)
  7. SAE: Total Cooling of Piston Engines by Direct Water Injection (introduction & link)
  8. SAE: Prediction of NOx Reduction Due to Port WI in a DI Diesel Engines (introduction & link)
  9. SAE: Water Injection in IC - SI Engines to Control Detonation etc. (introduction & link)
  10. SAE: ALCOHOL-WATER INJECTION (introduction & link)
  11. NASA: Water injected Turbomachinery
  12. NPC: Alcohol Boosted Turbo Gasoline Engines
  13. NACA Report E5H12: Effect of water/alcohol injection for efficiency for air cooled cylinder
  14. OASR: Water Injection on the Performance of Four-Cylinder LPG fuelled SI engine
  15. ASTM: Anti-Detonation Injection & Low Octane Fuel Resolving the Octane Deficit
  16. NACA Report 756: Inlet water injection for internal cooling
  17. Water injection pre-compressor cooling assist space access
  18. "Knock Limits in Spark Ignited Direct InjectedEngines Using Gasoline/Ethanol Blends"
  19. Technical Report - Methanol Vaporization: Effects on Volumetric Efficiency and on Determination of O
  20. Water tank pump in boot
  21. DDS3 Flow sensor.
  22. Pulse extender