View Full Version : Help with nitromethane mixtures

03-12-2006, 01:19 AM
I have an aquamist 2d system, and I run 65% meth and 35 water at moment with the 1.0 jet

what are the guys using precentage wise with nitro and what are they mixing it with? how loing will the pump hold uP?

What grade nitro are you using, I am familiar with price chemical, and have used the nitromethane additive in the gas tank calle mighty max, woner if I can inject that?

what to mix with and what is air fuel Ideal,

My aplication is roots supercharged, 14 psi, 150 shot of nitrous (only when racing) so steup is for non racing mostly without nitrous.

I do have forged pistons..

what do you guys think??

where to buy the nitro, and all info I should know

I am willing to spend money on a custom pump from richard if needed

my applicatrion makes about 600 whp

also what is the advantage of these ppl running 2 sperate .5 jets? instead of a 1.0??


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