View Full Version : 100& Alcohol injection ?

23-06-2007, 10:45 AM
Hi together.
I am new on the board. Here first a short overview, i am living in switzerland, i am 25 years old, i run a Subaru Impreza MY 2002, that should be enough :D

Now i have already tested a mix of 70% water to 30& alcohol, it runs nice. My question now, get i any damage or problems if i made some tests with 100% alcohol ? Is it usefull to use 100& only alcohol withou water mix ?

Thank you for your help !

24-06-2007, 07:10 AM
Your mix is already fine. Go up to 50% alcohol if you want to experiment, but don't expect gains with more.
A lot of the benefits come from water itselft, mainly the in-cylinder cooling.

If you're using high alcohol mixes, make sure that your pump seals are happy.

25-06-2007, 06:29 PM
Hi John

Thank you for your Feedback. Ok i will forget the 100% alcohol test drive. Actually i drive with a mix of 70% water and 30% alcohol that i mentioned above. I will made a final test with a mix of 50 to 50% to check out how it will improve or not improve the power of the car.

PS : Great forum here with good awnsers, very helpfull