View Full Version : How's my Math?

27-03-2008, 05:28 PM
Talking straight water here...

I run 6-42# injectors. When at full tilt, about 80%, that is about 201.6 # of fuel per Hour, or 33.6 Gallons Per hour. 15% (by Volume) of that would be 5.04 GPH, or ~320cc/min. So the injector I should choose if running a 100psi system w/15# of boost would be the one closest to 320cc/min. I'm figuring a .8mm aquamist nozzle @ 336cc/min... Does that seem right?

Or is that 15% of Fuel # by weight? Which would be 3.78 Gallons of Water to be injected, which would be 240cc/min (about a .6mm nozzle at a net pressure of 85#)

Thanks in Advance,