View Full Version : one response to misfire

11-04-2004, 06:24 AM
On my vortech blown '99 M3 running 11 psi boost supported only by water/alky injection, I would occasionaly see evidence of a slight misfire in either the afr plots on my wideband, or on the dyno.

I bought a set of Ignition Solutions Plasma Direct coils in order to deal with it. But before installing them, I tried altering the Methanol concentration.. The most recent conditions under which I saw the misfires on my wideband afr logs were ambient temps in the low 50s F, and a meth concentration of about 40%. My 2 gal tank had about 10% fluid left, so, i filled it up with straight distilled water, which meant the tank content dropped to about 5-10% meth concentration. I just went to the dyno, and there was no evidence of the misfire. Now, temps at the dyno were near 60 degrees, so perhaps that played a part also.. Nevertheless, if you experience any misfires, and you are running hear 50% methanol, or more, I would first try and alter your mixture.

13-04-2004, 01:48 PM
How much water are you putting in , what were the AFR's were you adding timing with the extrea water ??