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parmas 13-05-2015 12:18 PM

Water injection pre-compressor cooling assist space access

Advances in space activity are linked to reductions in launch cost. Air-breathing propulsion-assisted
flight systems offer the potential for revolutionary change of the space operations paradigm.
Horizontal launch of a space-access system provides mission flexibility, responsiveness, and
affordability. One way to reduce launch cost is to increase the Mach number at which a launch
vehicle is staged from a carrier aircraft. Without exceeding the engine and airframe design limits,
the pre-compressor cooling technology allows an operational aircraft to operate at Mach numbers
and altitudes beyond its basic operational limits. This is an essential, near-term technology
for reducing launch cost to place small-weight payloads in low Earth orbit. The advantage of
this technology is assessed with a modified McDonnell Douglas QF-4C aircraft. Payloads are
unachievable or marginal with an unmodified QF-4C. However, payloads weighing around 150
pounds are plausible with this aircraft when incorporating the water injection pre-compressor
cooling (WIPCC) technology.

LINK HERE : http://www.nas.nasa.gov/assets/pdf/p...bruary2015.pdf

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