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altitude30717 12-08-2013 08:43 AM

92 Toyota

I want to say Thanks for all the post's in the HFS3 forum, reading there helped me with my installation, and Thanks to Aquamist for such a quality product.
My questions,
Is a .6mm jet to big for use with a 3.4L V6 with an Eaton M-62 blower with 6 lb. pulley, injectors are 250cc. I've read that Roots style blowers benefit from higher flow due to the heat generated?
*when testing #3 on pg 14 (user manual) I only illuminated 4 bars, (8 bars without the jet)
the SC dial is fully clockwise, WL is fully counter CL and WH is fully CL,
when I drive the failsafe is constantly triggered, do I need to have my controller reflashed for lower than normal flow? I cannot dial in 6 bars on my gauge @ 100% flow in order to properly set the WH,
I linked the DFS to drive, but do not wish to leave it like that.
All thoughts on my questions and installation are welcome,

Thanks & Cheers

Richard L 04-02-2014 01:43 PM

Re: 92 Toyota
Can't believe I missed this.

Can you tell me which version of HFS3 do you have? Only the V3 has three flow maps programmed in.

You can increase the jet size by one step. Assuming you are running M50/W50 mix. If you are in the US, you can send the controller to Jeff Howerton to be reflashed.

WL and WH will not allow a full width failsafe because the full "min and max" is set internally to ensure there is always some protection.

By reflashing the controller, you will have a wider working range across the failsafe window.

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