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Craigorypeck 21-06-2019 05:12 AM

5th jet sizing for 4 cylinder
I have a Twincharged setup that I'm aiming to raise the octane on, picked up a new hfs3 3.1 and need to get the direct port bundle. Just about ready to order but slightly unsure on what my 5th jet should be.

I'd really like to inject post turbo/pre supercharger (W2A ic between the the power adders) to aid cooling the rotors and help seal the clearances.. But there's a large FMIC (in/out on the top) after the supercharger.

Will the spray possibly pool in the bottom of the FMIC?
By looking at the chart I worked out that I need 0.5mm jets per runner. What should I put pre charger and will this affect the the runner jet size?
80lb injectors
30-35psi boost
Chacing 500+Hp.
Also I have the regular non 3000cc pump, will it be ok?
It suggests increasing pressure is a bad idea on the site.
Any help is very much appreciated.!

BlwnAway 10-07-2019 08:47 PM

Re: 5th jet sizing for 4 cylinder
I can't help you with your jetting, but...
Do yourself a favor and verify your S/C can handle the spray, many twin scroll S/C's don't react well to having moisture run through them, and can even hydro-lock with too much.
At least verify that this wouldn't be the case with yours.

Personally I'd run pre-turbo, it would help cool the turbo itself and by the time it got to the S/C it should be well vaporized.

Craigorypeck 12-07-2019 06:02 AM

Re: 5th jet sizing for 4 cylinder
Its an Eaton roots charger not a twin screw.. Be grand.

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