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FOSSIE 04-08-2012 04:06 PM

Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Hi guys, I just came across this forum, and though I might be able to pick someone's brains regarding a project I'm busy with.

It's got nothing to do with engines I'm afraid!

I'm trying to design a brake cooling system for a stage rally car, using watermist sprayed into an air duct in the front bumper. It's not a new idea, and there are complete systems on the market, but I want to do my own, and do it properly :)

My ECU is already monitoring/logging brake temps, and I have a spare switchable output, so my plan was to use the ECU to switch the water pump on/off when required based on brake temps and road speed.

So my question is really, what other components will I need?

Obviously a pump. Are there options here or are all the pumps the same?
Nozzles - the watermist needs to be as fine as poss. So which nozzles? And will this dictate pump type/pressure?
Will I need solenoid valves in the system or can I just switch the pump on/off? It doesn't really matter if it takes a fraction of a second to build up pressure, but I wouldn't want to be squirting (non atomised) water into the air duct for very long.

Last question, what sort of flow rate do these things get through? I would need to carry maximum enough water for 10minutes of spraying, 15 max (planning to use water bladders strategically placed about the car for weight distrubution)

Many thanks in advance for your help,

stevieturbo 05-08-2012 12:00 AM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Most modern kits now use the same Shurflo based pump. It's quite big but pretty reliable and flows well.
Aquamist do a range of nozzles, compact in size and with an excellent mist/spray. Given what you're doing, I'd think a simple off/on would suffice.
Or via a solid state relay you could maybe PWM the pump itself and run nit directly from the ecu for variable flow.

Only testing will tell how much water you need to spray to achieve the cooling you need.

FOSSIE 06-08-2012 10:57 AM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Thanks for that,

Is there a particular Shurflo pump I need? I can't find one on their website that does more than 50psi?

stevieturbo 06-08-2012 01:08 PM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Most of the water injection people say they modify them for the purpose. Most are rated at 150-200psi.

Why not contact Aquamist ? it's their forum, they sell them

Howerton Engineering 07-08-2012 03:53 AM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Any 12v 100psi pump will work for this application. Can be found from $50 on up. Shurflo 8000 series if I remember right.

Use the Aquamist jetting chart to see what the jets will flow. You will need to get an idea of how much water you need to get adequate cooling and work out capacities from there.

When you turn the pump off, the unit will bleed down and spray for a second or two. While a little more to install, I would highly suggest a solenoid valve to start and stop the flow of water for a clean cutoff and no "pissing" of the jets after the pump is turned off.

For a control strategy I don't think you need anything fancy, maybe two modes, #1 full on, and #2 on/off in 1 second intervals.

FOSSIE 07-08-2012 09:10 PM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
That's very useful, thanks Howerton. Are you able to sell me the jets and soleniods? Cancel that, I just found your website, will drop you an email later.

I was proposing to have mount the pump towards the rear of the car, for weight distribution and packaging as much as anything - whereas the jets will be right at the very front. Am I right in thinking the solenoid should be mounted as close to the jets as possible?. Thanks again for the advice so far guys...

keithmac 07-08-2012 09:23 PM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Where abouts in the UK are you, I have a Shurflo with Aquamist 6mm pipe fittings.

Howerton Engineering 08-08-2012 03:19 AM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Yes I would put solenoids as close to the jets as reasonable. With a clean cutoff from a solenoid, it can be a little further away while still achieve a good cutoff.

Its leaving a pump spinning down that makes a long lingering spitting effect. Check valves don't hale that much either.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

stevieturbo 10-08-2012 10:13 PM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
Given the jets will be placed low down, a check valve or solenoid will be essential anyway to prevent fluid simply running out of the plumbing.

markff 19-09-2014 11:36 PM

Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?
I know this topic is old so the OP is probably no longer on here. I have always suffered brake fade issues on my S2000 with uprated XP10 pads and uprated discs. Anyway i done abit of research and came up with water cooling to the inside vane of the brake discs. Currently i have purchased a 5 litre go kart fuel tank to stick in the boot and a 100psi ebay special diaphragm pump.

I got some jets from aquamist and i have timed the water flow and at full output i use 5litres in 10 minutes. I have also ordered some smaller jets to see the effect on cooling against water consumption.

I have sourced a delay off relay which means that i can have the pump only switch on during brake pedal application and then i can set it to continue to run for say 5-10 seconds after the brake pedal has been lifted. Obviously this will need fine tuning to ensure water consumption isnt excessive and that i still get adequate cooling.

I worked it out that based on the amount of time i spend on the brakes per lap on track and figured 5 liters will last 30 minutes. Which is more than enough for the average track session.

The one issue i have at the moment is that the cheap pump is abit of an unknown and to be fair it produces a very good mist and when i wound the adjustment in abit the pressure increased alot. Im going to fit an inline 150psi pressure gauge so i can actually see whats going on.

I have tested everything off of the car so far and seeing how it goes tomorrow i will plumb it all in along with the brake ducts.

Probably abit OTT for a weekend/trackday car but i love tinkering with things and this seemed like something that would be interesting to test and develop.

I know the jets aren't cheap and probably work out as the most expensive part of the project but it was well worth spending the money on them. Its amazing how much surface area the water covers when it sprays at such high pressure. The water just lingers in the air. I did consider spending more money on the pump but size is abit of an issue and to be honest until i test everything a larger pump might be unnecessary.

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