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Twin-turbo 14-11-2003 07:58 PM

New Here
Hello there,

I am Hans from the Netherlands and happy that there is a forum for water injection ! At this moment i have water injection on my Mazda RX-7 fd3s twin turbo.
When i get the time i will post here my pictures how i build in this system and how it works for me but first i like to test it a few months so i can tell you al about it ! And how the engine react on the water and methanol ! When there are people how have the same car and have waterinjection i like to have contact with them ! meby they now more than me and they have test results for me ?! Great forum and thanks for reading my story till now ! When you like you can visit my website


sonyamorris 07-01-2015 11:23 AM

Re: New Here
I am also new here but i like this forum because we will get different types information from this forum.Many resources like internet and custom essay writing service are providing the different types information for the students.

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