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GregLeBon 26-04-2006 08:30 AM

WI in front of a Roots SC...?
Im currently using a WI setup to replace my IC in a MK1 MR2 AE101 conversion.
Its working great but I cant help feeling that I could improve things further by injecting water before the SC, so it is "pre-cooled" (emulating driving early in the morning..).

Would there be any issues with damage to the rotors, general SC corrosion, etc?

BTW, I have a Roots blower, giving approx 10-12psi, I live in the UK, use 97-99 octane fuel, and am using a 100% water spray.

Any comments..? :D

bp18t 11-05-2006 10:32 AM

Have used WI in front of a SC12 no negative effects so for (About a year), essentially decreases the clearences in the rotors and creates more psi hence more power. also seemed to cool the rotors and keeps the teflon from melting at high boost.

witte reus 06-07-2006 06:59 PM

Rootsblower in 4A-GZE

I'm new here but read trough a lot of threads here.

bp18t; I don't want to put you down but I think you mean that through the water mist the intake air is denser en that is what makes the SC work more efficient and make more psi.
The rest I can only agree on!!! :D

I'm installing a home build system shortly on my SC blown 4A-GZE 1.6 16V toyota engine.. :wink:

witte reus 07-08-2007 12:18 PM

Build the system en tested it!! :D

No signifecant changes in engine behaviour. :?

I learnt that a rootsblower doesn't heat up the air as much as an turbo will. Maybe I did not inject enough water or even to much. I will post the flow of the injectors shortley.

in a few months I will have an turbo charger AND the rootsblower with WI in front of the turbo, after the intercooler and in the plenium.

I will post my experience with WI on the twincharger!! :wink:

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