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Default Re: Experience of isopropyl - good read (long)

Corrosion and rubbing alcohol

According to the article above rubbing alcohol consist of :

Rubbing Alcohol Components

Isopropyl alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid with a somewhat bitter taste and a smell of acetone. Rubbing alcohol contains:

v 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
v Small increments of water
v Methanol,
v Ethanol,
v And/or ethylene glycol.

So rubbing alcohol is not 100% isopropyl but a mix of alcohols !

. Corrosion and Rubbing Alcohol

Because the rubbing alcohol has some amounts of water in it, as well as a ?stripping? component, (used for eliminating germs), I believe that testing the different metals in solutions of alcohol instead of just plain water could actually increase corrosion.

There are also hydrocarbons in the mixture of rubbing alcohol. Hydrocarbons are basically bonds of hydrogen and carbon.
Hydrocarbons can also assist in the progression as well. Just as salt water helps speed the process, a product that has added strength such as the Isopropyl alcohol should aid with the corrosion?s speed in the different types of metals.
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