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Default Re: Rally car with air restrictor : IDC or MAP ?

Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
Hello guys,

I'm building my next rally car and it's time for me to choose a water injection system but I don't know what input is better for my application : IDC or MAP

It's a Peugeot with a 1600 thp engine and direct injection.

The car will make about 280 hp with a 34 mm air restrictor. With this restrictor, the engine will reach its max boost pressure just before 3000RPM, the pressure (and the torque) will then decrease until 6500RPM.

The goal is to have max power from 3000 to 6000 RPM.

If I'm right, IDC will approximately be the same at 3000rpm with max boost pressure and at 6000rpm (low boost and maybe no water injection needed at this point).

From what I think, MAP based injection seems to be more suited for my application.

Am I right ? If not, could you please explain me ?

Many thx guys !
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