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Default Re: HFS-6 Inconcistent Injection

Another update,

I have pulled apart the pump, haven't found any signs of corrosion in the pump, bearings etc look fine, spins freely by hand. The diaphragm looked really clean as well.

I am not sure of the anti surge unit on the outlet of the pump, whether it could have blockages etc. Is this unit necessary, i notice the later pumps don't have it.
Looks like ill need to wire in a pressure gauge and see what pressure is coming from the pump.

Is there a way to test the hall affect sensor on the printed circuit board?

Is there a minimum flow that the sensor will only work on. I presume that if i get 260cc a minute, that the sensor should read this, as with a smaller jet installed 260cc/min is achievable.

What pin on the gauge is the flow sensor trigger?

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