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Thanks for the feedback Richard. I'm admittedly not very familiar with circuit design so I just want to make sure my thinking is correct. If I remove the CLP jumper, I will have 8V on the orange wire. If I then put a 4.3V zender diode on the Orange wire, I will have a 4.3V drop across the diode which leaves me with 3.7V at the fail-safe.

Do I need a series resistor after the diode to limit the power going to the diode, or is the current on the orange wire small enough that I don't need to worry about it?

Basically the circuit would look like:

Aquamist - Orange Wire - Zener Diode - Resistor? - FailSafe Wire - Failsafe

Or, do I simply keep the CLP jumper and just add a small 2V or so Zender diode to the Orange wire to drop the voltage below 4.7V?

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