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Default Re: Running Pure Meth - Use UEGO as failsafe?

Richard L - I was planning to monitor it when it's under full boost which should also be at max w/m. Ie. 6krpm peek at AFRs, it leaner than normal = problem. I already do this from time to time, habit I guess lol.

I would think that meth should be flowing at max when peak boost is achieved and definitely should be at max flow at higher RPMs. I don't think I'd need to monitor the whole RPM/boost range.

Anyways I'll try it out when I get my kit and decide whether to get a failsafe system.

Keith - I'll definitely get a AFR based failsafe if I do decide to get a failsafe system. Kills two birds with one stone (monitors both fuel and w/m at the same time). Probably IsacAlky, but its more than I need. Just need something that can reference boost/AFR and provide a signal to cut boost.

Thank you all for the insight regarding this matter

Edit: I think I just figured out a way to use my piggyback to use AFR/boost/RPM as a failsafe

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