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Default Re: Inlet temp Sensor - before or after?

Originally Posted by pabs
I am just about to install the system to my impreza today (waiting for replacement inline filter to arrive after breaking it yesterday :sad: ).

I am still debating whether to lacte the jet jus before the intercooler as it can suffer from heatsoak or just after. Then the though occured to the pdf guide it says that the ECU will register the colder air temp and adjust fuel/ignition advance to increase power....isn't this only true if you installed the jet before the inlet temp sensor so it can register the colder charge??

Also, any recommendations of jet location for this car would be greatly appreciated!
I have located my jets just after the IC and relocated my ecu inlet temp sensor further up next to the throttle plate, to allow maximum mixing cooling, so the ecu can compensate for the lower temps, with good results
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