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Default Nitrous and water injection

Hi I'm new to the forum and I'm after a bit of help from those with more experience
I have a BMW e46 330 that I have just fitted a wizards of nos kit to but when it comes in I feel it retard the timing due to knock I think so looking for water injection to reduce knock
I have a 3lpm 65psi on demand pump and a spare solenoid for the nitrous I can use and will be picking up an aquamist nozzle when I know what size I need

The car runs perfect off nitrous so I'm happy that I don't need the water injection then
The plan is link a second solenoid to the pulse width controller for the fuel so only when the nitrous works the water works so almost like running the car on normal fuel and using race gas on the nitrous

The fuel jet in the nitrous setup should flow 60ml of fuel in 10 seconds I think what is a good mixture ratio for water and petrol for knock protection what size nozzle would you recomend I want an aqua mist one because the atomisation is miles better than others

No doubt I have missed some info

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