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Default Re: Water + ethanol/isopropyl

Originally Posted by Richard L View Post

I wouldn't recommend using iso-p due to the following write-up (long)

I think ethanol is a good althernative to methanol but more expensive. If you go a de-natured alcohol (95% ethanol +ethanol), it will not much cheaper. HFS-3 will tolerate ethanol and methanol. But depend on the denaturant use on the de-natured alcohol, I cannot guarantee the effect.

Thanks for the info Richard! Im trying to stay away from Methanol due to the health risks so trying to find a safer alternative.

Just to confirm, any level of ethanol is safe for use in the HSF3? (including the pump?) Its just a matter of the denature added? (usually methanol from what I can see)
ie. 50% methylated spirit (95-98% ethanol & 5-2% methanol) : 50% Water

Thanks again

edit: Stumbled across this;
Thats the closest I can get without requiring any licenses lol
Hopefully they dont charge too much :x

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