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Default Re: Water + ethanol/isopropyl

Originally Posted by Pat32 View Post

At the moment, I want to stay clear from Methanol and I am investigating alternatives.

Could someone please let me know which of the options below would be the best for my HSF3?

100% Water
95% Water & 5% Ethanol
75% Water & 25% isopropanyl

Any risks of damaging the hsf3 running ethanol/isopropanyl at the levels indicated above? Should I stick to 100% water if there is any potential for damage?

If there are any other non-toxic chemicals, please let me know.

G'day, Please help, What is HSF3.??? ... Does Water+Methanol provide a great

cooling effects to Engine Intakes.??? ... Is the Purpose of the Mix to, Eliminate

carbon buildup in combustion chambers.??? ... Or Increase Power.??? ... Reduce

the risk of detonation.??? ... Without a mass of Control/Adjustment for Tuning

Devices.??? ... or all of the Above.???

I Wish to Improve the life and longevity of my 2 Classic Cars, by adding a simple

Water/Alcohol injection System, I believe this to be Possible.!! ... Without a Pump, ... Any reason why it can't be Sucked in.???


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