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thats what i thought... i tried screwing it shut manually after i soaked it in alcohol but it didnt want to so im sure there was some debris that dissolved up in the alcohol...

but i bought new nozzles anyway i tightened the old ones back with a spanner and i stripped the rubber thread that forms a seal over the stainless ITB pipe.. so i guess i may have caused a small boost leak...

new ones are in and hand tightned so no more boost leak
car is running perfect again need to have it logged to make sure im not overspraying cause compared to the old nozzles when the old ones were not it is spraying alot i did 2 4th and one 5th gear run this morning and it used abot 1.5 litres or so

temperature at altitude in summer : 26 - 32 degress celcius ( the initial setup and tune was done in winter and gains were set on max then)

have you done any 1.8t stage 2 setups?

car is set to run on mps and also idc i beleive..?

my settings are

threshold: 12 0 clock = 0.4 bar (on boost gauge)
gain: 5 o clock
failsafe: 1 o clock
dim: 12 o clock

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