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Exclamation Re: Detonation prevention effects quantified?

This is a good thread with not much input over the years.

Knock control is the #1 most important thing to be in control of in any engine and especially in a water injected one.

I forever have been talking about this in recent years since working with many different engine types and arguably the most sensitive/fragile one (the Wankel engine).
NOTE: All ECU's are NOT created equal > < Going joke here

Life Racing ECU's and derivatives (Syvec's) are the 'gold standard' in this field, I get asked often why do you choose to run them over anything else and the simple answer is they are the only manufacturer who make their own turbocharged racing engines run at the highest levels of professional motorsports where power and efficiency is paramount *Lemans 24hr LMP1 class*. The same hardware and software is available to simple people like us, and it just works! there is no BS excuses or guess work or caveats to arse cover unlike some of the pretenders out there and their groupies shit talking over electronic mediums mostly. No multiple guess's required, just one simple set up stage, a competent calibrator and you too can run your engine to its pre detonation limits.

I've been using Water Injection since 1992, and while its amazing and un equaled in its ability to eliminate detonation it needs for ultimate reliability to be combined with an engine control unit that will be the ultimate decider on when things are not just right. And those instances when you are at the pointy end of stable combustion running at the maximum BMEP in the harshest conditions let alone when some other sub system lets you down (bad plug, faulty main fuel injector! etc) are all too frequent and very common. Therefore its a must to have a known system in charge to take responsibility over your engines survival and knock control is the final word in this topic. If you don't run a unit that can do this you are playing with near certain death to your engine.

Stop playing with toys and/or getting on the bandwagon of a glossy hyped up alternatives, pick a unit that is proven by real experts, not arsebook gagtube self promoters
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