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Default Question about TurboIce Paper


I'm a noob so apologies if this is a stupid question.

The TurboIce paper (fascinating reading) contains a graph from Aquamist (page 20) which suggests that compressor exit temps at 2 bar on a 60% efficiency compessor will be 200+ degrees C. It then goes on to say (page 21 para 1) that "At full saturation the induction charge will have a significantly reduced temperature somewhere between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the injected water."

If I am interpreting this correctly, on a 20C day with water at an under-bonnet temp of 30C, a saturated charge would have a temperature of 20-30C. I am assuming that "exit temperature of compressor" means charge temperature immediately post-compressor.

I'm not suggesting that the paper is wrong, merely asking if I am interpreting it correctly. Am I? If so, this is an enormous intercooling effect and I'll start planning my WI install straight away.
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