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Default Detonation prevention effects quantified?

I/m using a 12:1 CR 750cc engine with 4-7 psi boost. Although it's intercooled the engine is theoretically on the edge of detonation.
What would be the benefits of direct port WI in term of lowered EGT, degrees ignition advance or changed max boost level? Is it possible to quantify this.
My only aim here is preventing detonation. Power is no issue, but I want to be able to run 5 psi minimum preferrably more to keep the GT2052V Garrett turbo in it's efficient range.

I'm using 4 0,3mm jets and a HSV valve running on 20% to 40% PWM. Pump set at 75psi. This is to limit the injected amount of water to the recommended 10-20% of the fuel weight.

Thanks and other suggestion to optimise my setup are welcome.
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