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Default Flow sensor behavior changed after removing it


due to some repairs in the engine bay, we removed the flow sensor carefully from its location near the FAV. It worked fine before, and the HFS3 was doing well with recognizing fail / OK conditions.

After we have put everything back in place, the flow sensor (rsp. the bars on the gauge) show a much smaller flow, so the HFS3 reports constant failure when the injection is being triggered.

The water is flowing, the spray "image" looks the same as before. The red "S" is lit, and I get max. 1 bar on the gauge at full flow where I saw 6 bars before. When I turn SC clockwise, I can get 3 bars, thats all.

I took a closer look at the flow sensor. There is that "knob" in the middle that should get in touch with the pipe, as far as I understand. The surface of the "knob" is hard and a little rough, as if there are remains of glue and some plating has come off.

Should there be a pad or cover on the "knob" in the middle of the flow sensor?

Or what else could be the reason that the sensor has changed its behavior?

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