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Lightbulb Re: RICESP Water Injected RX7

One of the other things not spoken about here is the efficiency of the charge cooler, I have done lots of experiments and real world tests of this with.

A to A
W to A
chemical inter cooling

One of the big benefits of the WM50 system is you can use it to greatly increase the eff of the charge cooler, with none of the negatives of running a W to A, or No2 etc.

Nothing new though, it was used to great effect until it was banned in F1 after 1986 season (see below).

When I get some time I will put up the actual figures of conventional systems v's superior WI spray enhanced set up's Keep in mind this augments the internal injection of WM50, you end up with exceptional density gains with none of the associated negatives of the main stream solutions used by those who are not so smart
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