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Hi Mate,

So just to describe the basic *important parts*
Your power 4350bhp
Specific power est 8500rpm for peak power is ~100bhp/lt/bar this is about right for that engine type being run the way it is
Water consumption rate ~800ml say for 6 seconds (one run and a bit of a skid)
Works out to around 11% water to fuel by mass

The specifics of new delta head pressure across injector and dead times and your voltage of your system you run I dont know but that is not important here (it will only have effect on the reported duty cycle is all, be it equally balanced or shared in some ratio as yours is etc). The only thing is the air mass required (to make your power), and how much water you are consuming and well known specific power parameters for this engine type. Assuming the lambda sensors are calibrated that is the only thing than can stuff up this guess really. All other things are inferred and compounded, only real way would be when the thing is on engine dyno to put the fuel tank on a precision scale and measure the mass consumed seems ghetto but works well without spending a shit load on calibrated fuel flow sensor/s.

All the rest is real easy to work out.

I just put down std inj duty for common variables converting the listed lb/hr into cc/min for methanol.

FYI the AIT is if you used some of my donmega thermocouples and placed them behind the interface of the inlet manifold flange to the engine block to a give a true reading of what goes into the engine. Its why the specific power on methanol is always greater than that of other fuels for the most part, the actual air inlet temp or ACT is much lower due to the latent heat of vaporization and the sheer qty of the shit you have to put into the engine! the motors are cooled by the fuel in great part. You have about 80 deg C now in the plenum I am guessing, then you have the methanol cooling further in the short run to the back of the inlet valves, time transfer is low but estimated 40 deg C? dunno till you measure it honestly but again specific power is your guide here. It's a really powerful and elegant in its simplicity to quickly define a package.

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