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Default 2011 WRX STI Safe-Mode (Help)


So I connected the orange wire to the pink wire as according to the instruction manual in order to use the safe-mode feature, and then set the failsafe pin to FS1. Failsafe is enabled by placing it on DHB.

I turn on the car and it immediately went to safe-mode (indicated by the clicking noise and fan turning on and off). Even when the Aquamist system is on it is still on safe-mode. Starting the engine will display CEL also.

I tried removing the CLP pin (which should mean it is now 8v) but still no good.

That being said, I noticed around the area where the ECU is, there is an unplugged green socket. This is the socket to connect to turn on safe-mode from factory. So that means, when there is 0v (socket unplugged) then the safe-mode is disabled. But the Aquamist manual said, the orange wire by default is sending 4.7v under "no fault" and switch to 0v upon fail-safe activation or the gauge is switched off.

Can anyone help how to use use this feature?

Note: I still have the wastegate failsafe method wired but I supposed that is not an issue and allows me to choose between FS1 (if it work) and FS0?
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