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Default Technical Report - Methanol Vaporization: Effects on Volumetric Efficiency and on Determination of O

An other interesting paper from the eighties.
it checked what happens to volumetric efficiency, i.e. air density, when you inject methanol upstream of the engine.
theory says that Ve goes up as the evaporation of the methanol cools the air leading to a bigger increase in air density that what the methanol vapour causes a decrease. The vapour needs space.

The result was that Ve actually dropped by 3-5% depending on location.
This was due to the air reheating on the walls of the intake manifold causing it to expand again. The losses are the dilution of the air by the methanol vapour.

So pre-compressor injection a little of water / methanol can actually lead to a loss of power if one is not careful about the configuration. It will help with a hot inlet, but it might hurt with a rather efficient turbo.
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