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I've been trying to get my hands on the GCR for the SCCA. Haven't had the chance though. Next time we take the race car to a regional race I'll see if I can pick one up, but it's been a while. (Selling the Formula ford to upgrade to a Formula Continental)

Also IIRC WRC cars use just straight water injection, so concerns about flamability are somewhat moot there. They have strict rules about a maximum of 98 RON "Super Unleaded" fuels, so I can't see them allowing alcohol injection of any kind. They're even considering banning WI.

Can't find any MSDS on Alcohol and Water mixtures. However they often reccomend a water spray to reduce vapor. So perhaps that might lend credit to a mixture not being particularly flammable.

I used to know a good site for MSDS but can't find it right now. Still, couldn't hurt to do an MSDS search. Loads of info there. SCCA would respect that.

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