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Default Rotrex charged R53 BMW Mini

Hi folks

we have a highly tuned R53 Mini which is using the c30-94 Rotrex going straight into a Garrett IC core ( sized for 400BHP ) .

It has stronger internals bla bla bla with coolers for oil , two in line water thermostats , radiator with two pull fans and plenty of ducting to it ( boot mounted )

Now we would like to spray 100% water pre Rotrex and I believe from calculations i'd need a 0.7mm jet trimmed down slightly .

Is there any advice on the use of the 'ring' that allows the injector to mount in the intake to the Rotrex -- as to distance away etc

We havent bought a system but it WILL be the HS3

Thanks for any advice and here's a link to our build thread which is nearing completion
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