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Default Re: Rotrex charged R53 BMW Mini

Hi Geoff and Richard

Well at the moment our car is going to be running at 360 bhp with 550 fuel injectors - that's as of today . We will run like this for a while to set up the car etc until the 'off' season . Then we will put back in the 850 fuel injectors , turn down fuel pressure etc and probably run a 20% Methanol mix with the fuel for CHT reasons . We still have the C30-94 Rotrex so what would recommend water wise ? We are hoping to increase boost higher up our rev range tbh as the Rotrex drops it at 23psi at 7400 rpm at the moment . This is high boost I know for a Rotrex . Our optimum rev limit will be 8K as we have specced the cam , internals for that .

Oh - we tried a 110mm pulley for the Rotrex and boost dropped to 14psi at 8000rpm - this is NOT overspinning the Rotrex at that sizing but at the 95mm WE have now we will be
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