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Default 92 Toyota

I want to say Thanks for all the post's in the HFS3 forum, reading there helped me with my installation, and Thanks to Aquamist for such a quality product.
My questions,
Is a .6mm jet to big for use with a 3.4L V6 with an Eaton M-62 blower with 6 lb. pulley, injectors are 250cc. I've read that Roots style blowers benefit from higher flow due to the heat generated?
*when testing #3 on pg 14 (user manual) I only illuminated 4 bars, (8 bars without the jet)
the SC dial is fully clockwise, WL is fully counter CL and WH is fully CL,
when I drive the failsafe is constantly triggered, do I need to have my controller reflashed for lower than normal flow? I cannot dial in 6 bars on my gauge @ 100% flow in order to properly set the WH,
I linked the DFS to drive, but do not wish to leave it like that.
All thoughts on my questions and installation are welcome,

Thanks & Cheers
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