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Originally Posted by Richard L
Air's ability to hold water changes with temperature. If you exit temperature from the supercharger is greater than the ambient, water will continue to evaporate and cools the charge air.
Hi Richard,

yes, i was searching some old threads on the forum and came across some references and figures about this as well. my exit temperature is definitely much higher than ambient!

just out of curiousity, are you still working on the axial nozzle mount for pre-turbo injection or has that project been abandoned? i have a centrifugal supercharger mounted in a very accessible place in my engine bay and would be interested in experimenting on the effectiveness of this. and what's the verdict on whether water damages the impeller? some of the threads were started a good one or two years ago, have you recieved any feedback since then from customers on the long term use of pre-compressor injection and if aiming the water at the eye of the compressor was the solution to avoiding impeller damage?
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