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Willy, your theory is flawed. You can't get more than 100% efficiency out of this. All you can hope to make use of is all the heat energy contained in the fuel, whether it is used for mechanical work, thermal work, or both. There are always losses in the system that will reduce the overall system efficiency to something below 100%.

What you are describing is called co-generation. It is used in many industrial facilities to maximize the efficiency of the huge amounts of fuel they use for process heat. I believe we will also see residential size co-gen units become popular within a few years if electricity rates keep going up. In the mean time, high-efficiency condensing furnaces do a pretty good job of using all the available heat.

I looked at your website and now understand the link to water injection that brought you here. Unfortunately, engines - particularly those used in transportation - would not run well with the high proportion of water that you want to inject. In stationary co-gen applications, it is not required to inject the water into the combustion chamber because all the waste heat can easily be reclaimed from the engine coolant and exhaust.

I'm afraid you are fighting a losing battle on this. Take my professional advice and work on something that is feasible... I suggest bio-fuels will have a future.

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