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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup

scratch that last post, we put it back on the dyno as it was clear to me the upper rpm was too rich still. All we did was turn gain down some more and leave the fueling alone int he tune and boom...582whp!

Truly epic, that's 775bhp!!

If we turned up boost to 2.2bar and increase rev limit, this is easily over 600whp on a mainline dyno!

Richard we had to turn gain down all the way as far as it would go, I believe 0.6mm jets would be perfect for this setup but I will push more hp in the next engine coming (but run motec M150)

Picture a car that weighs only 1350kg and 775bhp haha it spins all 4 wheels on street tyres lots!

the above graph is comparing to my previous setup with EFr 7163 turbo and MX1 cams (v the new EFR 8374 and GSC stg 2 cams)

this is comparing to the stock engine and HKS Kai 7460 turbo:
keep in mind a stock evo x gets 225whp on this dyno
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