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Default Re: Using Aquamist for brake cooling system!?

Well the fittings all showed up today to test what this pump actually puts out.

I was shocked to be honest, i really thought that i might get 50-60 psi of pressure out of the pump before it ran out of puff. I tested the pump the other day connected directly to the car battery with the engine running so the full 14v and wound the pressure adjustment screw in all the way. It made a great mist but i still didnt know the pressure.

Anyway today i tested it on a tiny 1.2ah 12v cell that measures 12.7 volts with no load. Connected everything up and fired it up. The pump straight away went up to 125psi and held there during the duration of the test apart from when the battery start to lose charge. I really was not expecting 125psi and the mist from the pump is smooth no annoying pulses that you get with pressure switches.

?11.50 odd for the pump which i think is good going seeing the results i get. Especially when you think its flowing 500ml+ at 125psi.

Video of the test

Im planning on winding the pressure down abit to lower the current and possibly give the pump abit of extra life. After 10 minutes of constant running it gets reasonably hot but in theory on track it will run for 50-60 seconds per 2:30 lap so it will get some rest time.
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