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Default Re: Aquamist 2d Install ? on an FD?

Originally Posted by g's 3rd gen View Post
You ned to rewire the green wire to the secondary injector (light green) on a n fdrx7. You do not want to tap the greddy elbow as it will strip because the aluminum is too thin to support threads. Buy one of these and have it welded to it for long term use. If you buy the bung also purchase the plug I just did this complete system on my fdrx7. G
wow .. that just ruined my day lol I spent a couple hours to tap the injector wires yesterday .. I tapped one of the red injectors .. did you mean

the green wire? from the injector as the one I managed to tap had a green and a black/yellow wire..

Or is it hte color of the injector itself supposed to be green? the green wire from the system is supposed to be the negative isn't it ? why is it important to get the negative from the green from the secondary injector?

Also I wired it to the upper most injector rail , the closest injector to the firewall on the top rail . it has a puke green , and black/yellow wires . the motor is out of the car . so I dont even know which one is pos or neg , so I just have them onto an extension which I would solder into the aquamist system after I got the motor running and found out which is which .

but i'd like to understand why is it that I need to get hte negative lead (green from the aquamist system) from the secondary injectors ( I imagine you mean the lower rail )

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