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Originally Posted by boostm3
Heres the problem I found this winter. Here, we had frequent bouts with temperatures well below 20 degrees F. When it got down to near 10, I found that even a 45% methanol mixture, while remaining liquid in its reservoir, would ice up within the 4mm nylon lines. It never burst, since I believe most parts of the system remained liquid, but it wasnt thrilling to see the ice in the nylon lines Ill tell you! I just think that in these very small lines, it can be extremely hard to keep things liquid down below 15 or 20 degrees F. At least, with most of the system remaining liquid, overall there were no problems.
I have just an educated feeling about this. A water/meth solution, loses the meth to evaporation 4x faster than water, so, with time, the solution is weakening, hense the greater likelihood of freezeup. Factor in frequent heatups inside the engine compartment, this is a reasonable explanation.

A small amount (line) will freeze sooner than a large amount as the temps swing. Ice cubes in the freezer are the same way.
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