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Red face Re: Implementing boost/ignition cut

B Boy I believe you are absolutely right. I've lost count of the number of pro rolling road / dyno people who recommended I stay away from it because of reliability issues. However, I've persevered because......

I ran Aquamist WI on my ALMS Engined Turbo Jade for a whole season of Open Sportscar Series (Prototype Sportscars) racing in 2010. When it ran I noticed a significant increase in power, helping me to two wins in Brands Hatch and one win in Oulton Park.

With an M800 and full logging I was able to review what was going on and protect the engine when it failed through compensation maps. Main problem was that the system needed re-priming a lot despite a 2 gallon tank with a baffled outlet and empty/full water level gauge. It seems the braking / cornering forces interfered with the water level gauge as log data showed it activating intermittently at high G's, and, through my compensation maps, switched off the pump (I made up the maps and switch off function to stop the pump and avoid pump burn-out while at the same time activating the compensation maps to retard ignition and protect the engine).

What I think I need is some kind of flow meter which I hope will be more reliable than the gauge. It ought to be a simple matter to link it's output to a compensation map to do the same as the water level gauge - but perhaps more reliably.

I do like the system simply for the extra power I get from adding advance when it runs properly, but IT HAS TO BE RELIABLE UNDER RACE CONDITIONS.

Can anyone help......

a) With understanding why it keeps needing to be re-primed. (At many a race finish the pump is running away with no water appearing and I don't understand why.)

b) Whether there is a better solution than the one suggested above which can reliably preserve my engine in the, sadly at the moment likely, event of WI failure.

(PS - I raised this issue at the start of last season but can't find my forum questions on the forum right now).
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