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I know this thread is old, but I thought I'd add some results for intercooler spraying. Unfortunately, mine aren't as scientific or conclusive as others'.

When my '97 Eclipse GSX was still relatively stock, I re-routed one of the windshield washer nozzles to the front bumper, in front of the area where the side-mount intercooler sat (I removed the other nozzle, they didn't do me any good and left watermarks on my hood). I rewired the washer pump to a switch so that I could flick it on after I started a run. I was running stock everything except for a boost controller, intercooler piping, BOV, and an Injen intake.

With this setup I was able to achieve a 13.7 @ 96 mph with a 1.8 60-ft, at 15 psi. Before the sprayer I was rather stuck at low 14's, which is what people typically run with a setup that close to stock. The biggest problem with the side-mount was that it heat soaked very easily, and the spray really helped that. Other people had done tests with various fan setups but found them to be ineffective once the IC was heat-soaked.

So, while it's not really quantifying the benefit much, there was a good gain from spraying (I just used water) and for my setup it was really convenient and simple to setup. Personally, I'm going to switch to water injection only for my car, but for those with intercoolers, spraying can help.
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