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Default Wi replacing IC....

Im new here, too.....

Im not quite in the big-league, as some of you here seem to be: I have a MK1 Mr2 with an AE101 Levin S/C engine conversion (170hp) which I am running with no IC and WI.

My case is slightly different from most of yours as I have a mid-engine arrangement, so a front mounted IC is out of the question...
Our (small) IC's are mounted on top of the engine, so virtually anything will improve things greatly!

I chose to use a WI system and ditch the IC, and the difference is amazing!
Ive had it like this for a year now: Im only using water ATM, as I have an alloy tankl (and methanol and ALU dont like one another..!).
In getting approx 35 degrees C temp drop instantly: ive set it to come on at 70 degrees, but I have a digital controller and have yet to really tune it up.
Im fitting a W2A setup this summer, but I had a custom pipe made up to replace the IC (and mount the WI, temp sensor, boost pipe, etc).
When the work is finished, I'll be able to swap between W2A+WI or just WI, buy undoing 4 jubilee clips..!

As I said before, Im just a boy in the 8-10psi range but on our cars charge temp is a big problem as we have an inefficient Roots charger.......
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