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Default Re: RICESP Water Injected RX7

And this is a R32 GTR fitted with a VQ35 twin turbo (EFR7163) and their mainline dyno making around ~890rwhp on 2800mB as a real world performance comparison.

Originally Posted by RICE RACING View Post
Unlike the kiddie pretenders, these cars keep on running all thanks to pump petrol and water injection.

No guessing on E-Media Arsebook/Gagtube, no secret rebuilds after one dyno pull needing to get pushed off due to non running/broken engine, no hype, no snake oil E85............
I don't say we do it better, rather just make cars that are fast and durable. Stuff most others can only dream/post/blog about.

No doctored power claims either, just facts. Got a 13B turbo that accelerates harder? that can be driven somewhere? without a spare engine? love to see it!

RICESP > F40 > Zonda > ZR1
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