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Default Re: RICESP Water Injected RX7

When looking to do professional WI integration this is the A Typical package we recommend, supply, fit, and calibrate.
WM50 is an integrated part of the full engine control system, feeding in live Aquamist status and flow rate along with other sensor inputs giving complete information to the ECU thus allowing total control over the engines calibration. This is a critical aspect in making the engines as durable as they have proven to be.

There are multiple layers of feedback and validations some down to the engine individual cycle level (at 9500rpm) which make the system counter any and all eventualities.
To date across multiple cars covering years and multiple thousands of hours of running inclusive of many full hours at maximum power we have not had a single failure and more specifically (to this thread) not a single issue related to water injection system being the cause of an engine detonation related event.... ever!

NOTE: not all systems are created equal, Life Racing and Syvecs matched to the Aquamist is a fantastic combination, there are literally thousands of hours of development time gone into proving it all in the most shit engine type known to man (rotaries) and we have proven it on these and others many times over if you don't want to guess, or the opportunity cost is an issue to you, then PM me and we can gladly help you get on it

New D4 dash set up being configured below.

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