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Default Re: WMI tuning and results Part 2

Originally Posted by robos4 View Post
Awesome results!!

That's mighty big gains! You would def want to go direct port injection pushing it that hard, you must have a rather large Meth tank with that many nozzles.

What Dyno was this on sorry?

How does it feel to drive now with 35psi? spin the wheels much?? lol

Do you track EGT? what is that looking like?

Well done again!

This was on a chassis dyno.

Only driven it on 30psi (352kw) so far. Its actually quite scary to drive. The acceleration is quite brutal, even with traction issues. It broke traction in third gear at 140km!

EGTs were showing a max of 890 degrees C. We see the same EGTs at 21 psi without water meth injection as we do at 35psi with water meth injection.
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