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Default Re: Injection amount vs E85

Originally Posted by UCTURBO View Post
Because I have got a state of the art LT10s microtech which has no knock sensors, I have to read the plugs after each tune change, which Im happy to do. Ive never once heard my setup knock by ear but its showed on the plugs, although I have heard it knock just before the water turned on before but never once its on.

So just out of curiosity does anybody check the plugs? Or does everyone rely on knock sensors etc? Only reason I ask is I was always under the assumption that knock sensor wont show pre-ignition or at least not fast enough? Not that a plug check can help once the damage is done lol.

Here is an interesting read, unless Ive missed it I could find it on this site. Once it loads its a little down the page. Cheers
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I record every single engine cycle (all the time on load) and the ECU has always controlled this so each firing event of the plug each event of signal from the knock sensor is recorded but more importantly acted on INSTANTLY by the ECU.......... nothing in the world I have seen works as well, the other real racing quality ECU's I personally used and owned inc Pectel MQ12 and Bosch MS5* series ECU, shit that costs $20,000 for a control unit FYI no Mowreck or Microwreck need apply LOL.......
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