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Lightbulb Re: Injection amount vs E85

I am not sure what the delay is from sound generation inside combustion chamber then in air, then through various parts to your inner ear, process in your brain, then motor skills reaction and muscle movement to your leg but I would say well over 150 cycles of the engine would have happened at full revs before you can react.

Never mind that the audible knock/detonation event is much more intense that what I class a a pre ignition event trigger in the Life Racing ECU! So all up on some engine types you can say with 100% accuracy that is you are using knock ears or your own ear than that is about as archaic a method you can employ as a caveman to club a woman over the head for sex in his rape dungeon ............ sure you get the woman but she could be stone cold dead! some I guess it does not matter?

Many more minor events typically happen *unless you are totally wrong in calibration* or have some other part failure well before you get to pre ign or audible detonation, and the whole idea of well set up professional knock control is exactly that, you CONTROL it prior to it becoming a problem.

Never lost an engine on LR or Syvecs with my set up knock control, irrespective of root cause, loss of fuel pressure, poor fuel, some mechanical issue. Even this forum specific like latency of WI delivery say in 1st gear on a car capable of pulling 1.5g acceleration! with huge crank rpm acceleration rates and transient turbo response as per a light switch.

All of these things make it imperative that you run a proven ECU with correct knock control set up well, just my 2 cents on the topic.
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