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Here is a little sequence of events on time line to show you what I verbally described.
Keep in mind the ECU triggers instantly on register of knock despite what visual log threshold is set too, (in this cars case 300Hz is enough to capture the sound resonance through the block) even at 7500rpm on 4 stroke engine, you can see cycles recorded and event trigger of ign being pulled which instantly within one cycle of engine reduces knock........

All of this needs to be managed correctly to not allow run away knock and then pre ign from getting a foot hold and it happens so fast that there is no way in hell someone using knock ears will EVER catch let alone stop engine damage, the only reason they get away with it is the engine is either low stressed or is strong, its got nothing to do with skill or understanding (quality of equipment LOL) in them using 'knock monitoring' while tuning/fucking your engine and guessing what is happening to it under their supervision

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