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Talking Re: Nozzle spray angle...

Bit of an update with progress. I re-tuned my fuel map to take into
account the enrichment provided by the WM injection. Took a while
and then I learned that I can set the end of (fuel) injection timing
with my ECU, and that threw the fuel map out again... so re-tuning
again at the moment.

Also tweaking the point at which WM injection starts when cruising.
At the moment it kicks in at around 110km/h and since I solved the
problem I had with the bypass valve not opening, my MAT's have
reduced to acceptable levels during around town and cruise. There
is still some work to be done but the car is running well and I have
been able to enter a few local events like this one...

I have had to up the idle to 1250rpm to get above the annoying gear
rattle from the s/c. Othere than that this setup just keeps getting
better and better. Not overly fast, but oooooohhhh... that midrange

Cheers... jondee86
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