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Default Re: Nozzle spray angle...

I am attempting to resolve a tip-in misfire that can be seen here...

When starting to accelerate, TPS movement invokes some "throttle pump"
enrichment, and the increase in injector duty cycle triggers the WM injection.
This appears to cause a rich misfire that shows as a lean spike in the AFR.
My WM injection initiates at around 10% IDC as in the absence of an inter-
cooler, I use WM for charge cooling once the car reaches around 110 kph
while cruising.

I have a number of adjustments for both fuel and WM injection, and to help
with getting the balance right, it would be nice to be able to log the actual
onset of WM injection and the rate of injection.

From reading the HFS-2/3.1 manual I gain the impression that if I use the
Green Harness I should be able to output a 0-5V signal from my HFS-3 to
a spare 0-5V analog input on my ECU.

EDIT: OK, looks like the yellow wire on the green (USER) plug should give me
the information I require, so I will go with that.

Can someone please confirm that my understanding on this is correct ?

Cheers... jondee86

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